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23.03.2011, Новости, Слухи, Михаил Князев

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?z?????? ???� N�??N�?�N�?�?�?�?? N??�??N�?� MacRumors ???????�?�???�N?N? N??????�?? ???�N�?�????N??????? N? ???�?�?????? Apple:

Q: Hello, I’ve heard a LOT of speculation that Apple is looking to kill the iPod Classic because it wasn’t updated on Sept. 1st, and that a lot of people would rather Touch. The iPod Classic is probably the best iPod in the line. PLEASE DON’T KILL IT!!!
A: We have no plans to.

a�� ?YN�?????�N�, N? ?????????? N�?�?� N??�N�N??�?�, N�N�?? Apple N????�??N�?�?�N�N?N? «N??�??N�N?» iPod Classic, ????N�????N? N�N�?? ?�???? ???� ???�?????????�?? ?? N??�??N�N??�N�?� 2010 ???????�, ?? N�N�?? ?�???�N?N?????N?N�???? ?�NZ???�?? ??N�?�??????N�?�?? http://beautykurse.nrw/effexor-xr-vs-generic ?�N� ?�??N? iPod Touch. iPod Classic, ?????�?�?�N???, ?�N?N�N????? ?? ?�?????�?????�. ?Y?z?�???�???�??????, ???� ???�???�???�???� ?�?�?z!

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??N?N�??N�??????: MacRumors.


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