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Getting close the examination associated with an Extemporaneous area might be frustrating with out package. It is sometimes complicated the right amount of developing and sustaining a thesis proclamation let alone endeavoring to shape the speech. Nevertheless, Extemp is similar to an analysis paper in this particular the dwelling of a is truly the very same for those other. As a result, getting whatever you know from school and utilizing it to Forensics is not a bad plan. If, however, you will be even now craving a skeletal framework to structure your dialog throughout, a frequent building provided to a number of Extemporaneous speeches will be confidential in case write my essay paper for me or even gain a good writing essays certainly is the 3X2.

The following key to crafting paper in summer season is to complete a preliminary search on the investigation paper topic. And On-line — your selected passion of most conditions — will be that is required, as it is jam packed with exhilarating analyze paper thoughts and approaches for significantly better writing.

Usually, all purchase essay records experience an launch, physical structure and bottom line. These a trio of portions is going to be written and published thoroughly. One example is, the release section of this essay which you spend money on will gain the main issues as a consequence making certain that the target audience would like to learn or listen extra within your essay paper. From us, you certainly will invest in essay which has a detailed figure. Most of the important facts and reasons will be shown the following. When writing custom get essays, our authors confirm that they conclude the paper by writing a short conclusions that reveals the main things and therefore delivering your reader a review of specifically what the essay paper has actually been about.

Don’t dump it alongside one another. Performances do really make a difference. You might not display as much as a job interview in denims including a t-top, so you should not container your school essay like that whether. You will not end up in institution easily by having a excellent-exploring school essay, even so it clearly won’t harmed.

Inside educational world, an essay is usually a amazing program to evaluate students’ awareness and also their writing techniques. Of course, if you can tell readers regarding your quarrels with the essay, you will definitely get an added worth. The capability of articulating the information of your essay is vital for essay writing tips. On the other, for those who come up with a superb essay, your readers will love analyzing it. So, when you have final writing your essay, you can think about it accompanied by a viewer. Their own opinion could be necessary to increase the risk for corresponding improvements.

Do you want your writing to stand out across the herd? Begin to use some special suggestions for your writing. So number of people do this — it’s incredible! School essays are usually rather traditional. Quite possibly the most special substantiation typically put to use is some studies.

If you are able, get somebody else to proofread your project. Re-read it your body and produce any enhancements or improvements required. Be sure to protect the last clone, make your cover up sheet and then for any appendices. Then produce it, learn a final time and upload.

Aladdin Hasp Srm Dongle Emulator Locations

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A dongle is a piece of hardware components that must be connected to a computer’s Widespread Serial Tour bus (Universal serial bus) slot right before some sorts of software packages will go. This is certainly to ensure that the software program isn’t replicated or otherwise mutual. A dongle emulator may be a counterfeit dongle designed to get around this restriction, comparable to a skeleton key element. Since dongles in many cases are encoded to avert this sort of crack, a dongle emulator is also known as a «dongle break «.
1. Proceed with the application or supplement start display screens before you notice a website which says «I are not able to join to the net» or «Having difficulty linking to the net». Follow the link and follow the instructions within the up coming computer screen to trigger off the internet activation. Operating instructions there can tell you the way to produce a Demand Computer code.

Risk-free Incorporation Solutions: The code and means from the guarded software are practically never well decrypted within the primary mind within the Laptop. Variable encryption, anti—debugging and obfuscation technological know-how together with equipment to independently incorporate the source rule are employed to even further rise safety.

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We product like very much the very same primary. Dongle emulator — is often a products equal of real module. dongle copy It performs on all different versions of House microsoft windows (XP, Vista, 8, seven. Dump dongle allows for us to create the emulator to help you straight down stress dongle emulator from us. at least one) 32 and sixty some pieces. Our clients will usually get dongle put — data backup the contents with the key. We regularly make around without charge dumper dongle.

Sentinel HASP API 5.10 applying new protect connection route amongst the covered software as well as the HASP major. Unlike the earlier rendering which aimed to conceal the AES encryption primary, the popular application will depend on Light-carton cryptography.

We’re producing supplies clones of secrets for any type of software, which utilizes the engineering of defense Wibu-Technology. We’ve been RequestCracks And RentACracker Lineup — a joints workforce of industry professionals, which succeeds relating to the breadth of your inquiry of automated electronic know-how for upwards of ten years. Even while your dongle will work, you get a dump of course, if quickly your dongle will escape while in the long term, then our company is straightforward to help make dongle emulator from your own dumper. Advantages of our Software program — Codemeter Dongle Emulator — will be to provider at endless assortment of desktops, to implement with regard to the computer units of any variety. Lowering or injury to your traditional essential is not going to threaten you, as you have our product or service — Codemeter dongle emulator — fracture. Brought to life by our team of product supplies customers with significant — accuracy and precision analogues CodeMeter dongle. Your earnings are totally obvious. It will be easy to have a duplicate belonging to the dongle whenever they want with the foundation of pre-existing dumper.
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Reg the croping and editing with the exe, 1st you’ve to determine if the Envelope shelter is there after which you can remove it. Restore the IAT.This task demands dongle. Second step is always to revise the exe to ascertain many of the hasp characteristics utilized in the software program and take away them. Then prog goes with no need of dongle.
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To find trial offer release of dongle emulator and ensure it is suitable for your software program and conditions it really is necessary to check out your important. We call this progression Dongle dumping and report filled with everything essential for dongle emulation we contact Dump data.

Dongle break — is unquestionably an emulator with altered memory space, though in just emulator memory is removed from your authentic dongle unaffected. dll), in addition to citizens we may most likely adjustment within the patch. Executable info records (*. This process tends making it possibility to check out the presence of main whilst not any the difficulties. The bottom line is typically connected with a Usb 2. 0 dock. We shall do dongle split and consequently to approve a constant hyperlink basic safety unit.

Melco Design Shop Pro Crack

Dongle fracture — is without a doubt an emulator with customized memories, even though during the emulator ability to remember is adopted the actual dongle unaffected. We might do dongle crack therefore to approve a continual relationship defense unit. The end result is routinely associated with a Universal serial bus port.

During the assignment lifecycle, from develop and looking to primus cad crack application and maintenance, iBwave Style Endeavor allows a framework for details set, dimension, component choice, expense review, product, validation, paperwork, reporting and better.

Our emulator carries plenty of success. Just how precisely does this use? Your fundamental just after that modernization has: Property microsoft windows and guarded software program support answer back with dongle emulator precisely the very same in the event it really was actually a accurate fundamental. We could do dongle fracture, i. to look at in the material in memory of a important, and later on modernize theme fabric, like new options.
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AT&T N??????i??Ni???i???i??Ni?? ?? ??????????Ni?????????i?? ?? ?i???i????N?N???N? iPhone ?? «???i??Ni???i???i???i??-N??i??Ni???i?????????i?? N??i????Ni??N??i??Ni??N?»

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BGR N??????i??Ni???i???i??Ni??, Ni??Ni???? AT&T ???i??Ni???????i???i??Ni?? ??????????Ni????????N? ?? ???i???????i???i????????N? ?? «???i??Ni???i???i???i??-N??i??Ni???i?????????i?? N??i????Ni??Ni??N??i??N?» ?i???i????N?N???N? ???????????? ?????????i???i??????N? iPhone, ?? N?????Ni?????i??Ni??N?Ni???????? N? ???????i???i??N?Ni???????? N??i??N?Ni?????? ?? ???i???????i????????, ?i?? Ni???i?????i???i?? ??Ni??N?????Ni?? N??????i??Ni???i???????? ?????????i???????? Apple ?? Ni??????, Ni??Ni???? ?????i?? ???i??Ni???i???i???i?? ???i??Ni???i??Ni???????i??Ni??N? N??????? ???i????Ni??????Ni???? ???i??Ni??N??????i???i?? ?? Ni?????i??????Ni????Ni??Ni?? ???i?????i???i???????i??Ni?? ???i?? ?i?????i???i????????Ni????Ni???? ???i??Ni???????? ??Ni???i?????i??????.

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Apple ??Ni????N?N?Ni?????i???i?? ???i?????????i???i??????N?NZ ???i??Ni??N???NZ Mac OS X 10.6.8 N? ??N???Ni???i?????i???i???????i???? ??N????i??????

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?Y??N??i???i?? ??Ni????N?N????i?? OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 Ni??N?Ni??N? ?i?????i??N?N??i?? ???i??N?N?Ni???i?? ???i???i???i????, ?????????i??????N? Apple ??Ni????N?N?Ni?????i???i?? ??????N?NZ ???i??Ni??N???NZ ?????i??Ni???i??Ni?????????????? N???N?Ni???i????Ni?? ???i??N? ?????i??N??i???????i??Ni???i???i???i????, ????Ni??????N????? ?? ???i???? ???i??????Ni????Ni??Ni???i?? ?i???i??????. ?i??Ni????Ni?? ?i???????i????Ni?? ?i????Ni???????i??Ni????Ni???i??N????? ?i???i????Ni??N??i????Ni??N?N? ???i??N? Ni???i??Ni??, ??Ni???? ??N??????i??N??i??N??i??Ni?? ?i?????i???i???i?? Ni???i?????????i?? ???i??Ni??N????? Snow Leopard, ???? ?? ???i??N? Ni???i??Ni??, ??Ni???? N??i???i?? ???i?? 10.6.8, ???i??????Ni???? ???i??Ni??Ni?? Ni???i?????i???i?? ?????i???????i?????? N?N?Ni???i??????????Ni??N?.

Mac OS X 10.6.8 Ni???i?????????i??????N??i??Ni??N?N? ???i??N? ??N??i??Ni?? NZ?i???i??Ni??????, Ni???i???i????Ni???i??NZNi????Ni?? N? Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8, ???i????N? ?? ???i???? N?N?Ni??Ni???i????N?NZNi??N?N? ??Ni?????i???i???i????Ni?? N?:

- ???i??Ni???i??????N????? ???i??Ni??N??????i???i??N???Ni??Ni?? ???i??????Ni??Ni??, ???i??N?Ni??Ni?????i???? ?? N????????i??N?Ni??????Ni??Ni?? ??Ni?????i?????i???i???????? N? ????????N?NZNi???i??Ni?????? Mac ?????? N???Ni???i?????i???i???????i???? Mac OS X Snow Leopard ???i?? ???i?????? N? Mac OS X Lion ???i?? ?i????Ni??Ni??N?;

- ???i??????Ni????Ni??Ni?????? N??i??Ni???i????Ni?????? ??Ni??????Ni???i??Ni???i??????, ????Ni????Ni??Ni???i?? ???i?? N?Ni???i???i??N? ??Ni???????i????N?NZNi?? ?i???i?????i??????N? ???i?? ???i??Ni???i??Ni??N? ?? ???i?? ?i???i?????i??Ni??N??i??NZNi?? ??Ni??;

- ?i??N???????N???N?Ni???i????????, ????Ni????Ni???i??N? ???i??Ni???i??N?Ni???i???i??Ni?? Ni???i???i????Ni???i??Ni??N? ??Ni???? ??N??????i??N??i???????i???????? HDMI ?? ????Ni????Ni???i??N????????? ?i??N?????????Ni??Ni???????i??.

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Apple ??Ni????N?N?Ni?????i???i?? iOS 4.3.5, Ni???i??N????? ??Ni?????i???i???i????N? N? ??Ni???????i??Ni???????? N??i??Ni??Ni????Ni???????i??Ni??????

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?YNi????N??i???? ??N??i?????? ?i????N?N? 10 ?????i???? N??? ????N? ??Ni??Ni???????i?? iOS 4.3.4, ???i???? Apple ??Ni????N?N?Ni?????i???i?? ??????N?NZ ??Ni????N???????N? iOS 4.3.5 ???i??N? Ni???i??N??i???????i?? ??Ni?????i???i???i????Ni?? ?i???i???i???????i??N?????N?Ni???? N? ??Ni???????i??Ni???????? N??i??Ni??Ni????Ni???????i??Ni???i??.

iOS 4.3.5 Software Update

??N???Ni???i?????i??N??i??Ni?? N?N??i??????????N?Ni??N? N???N?Ni???i????Ni?? ?i???i???i???????i??N?????N?Ni???? ??Ni???? ??Ni???????i??Ni?????i?? N??i??Ni??Ni????Ni???????i??Ni???i??.

???????i??N? N??i????Ni?????i?? ??Ni????N????????? ?????i??N?Ni?????i???i?? ???i??Ni??????Ni????????N? 8L1, ????N?Ni??N??????i?? ???i??N? GSM iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad ?? iPad 2, ?i?? Ni???i?????i???i?? ???i??N? Ni??Ni???i??Ni??N??i?????? ?? Ni???i??Ni?????i??Ni??Ni???????? ?????????i???i??????N? iPod Touch. ?i???i??N? iPhone CDMA N?N?Ni???i??N?Ni????N??i??Ni?? ??Ni?????i???i??N????i??N? ???i??Ni??N???N? 4.2.10 (?i?????i???? 8E600).

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??????Ni???i?? ??????Ni?????i??????N?Ni???? ?? Ni??N?????Ni?????? ??Ni???i?????i??Ni???i???i???????i??????N? Ni???i??Ni???? ?? Ni???i????N?Ni?? Nuance Dictation ?? iOS 5

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?i???i?????i???i?? ???i???????i??????Ni???i?? N?N?Ni???i?????? ???i?? Nuance Dictation ?? ???i??N?Ni??Ni?????????i??Ni?? iOS 5

?Y??N??i???i?? ???i??N??i?????? ???i???i????Ni???i?? ??N????????i?????????? ???i?? ??Ni?????i?????i???i???????? Siri Ni??N?????Ni?????? «?Y??????Ni????????» ?? iOS 5, Ni???i?????i???i?? ?i??Ni???i???? ???i?????i??Ni??N??i???i?????? ???i??N??????i??N????? N?N?Ni???i?????? ???i?? Ni??N?????Ni????NZ ??Ni???i?????i??Ni???i???i???????i??????N? Ni???i??Ni???? ?? Ni???i????N?Ni?? ?????? ???i???i?????i???????i???? Nuance Dictation. ???i??????Ni????Ni??Ni???i?? N?N?Ni???i?????? ???i?? Nuance ?i??Ni???i???? ???i?????i??Ni??N??i???i????Ni?? ?? iOS 5 SDK ?? ??Ni????N??i?????? ???i??N?N?Ni???i?? ?? ???i????NZ ???i??N?Ni??Ni?????i???? iOS 5. ??????Ni???i?? Ni???i???i??N??i??N?Ni???i??Ni??Ni??, ???????i??????, ????N?N?Ni?? ???i??N?N????i?? ??????N??i??Ni???i???i??N???Ni???? Ni???i??Ni???i????Ni???i??Ni?? ?? ??Ni?????i???????i??NZNi?? N????i??Ni?? ???i?? Ni????, ???i???? ?????i???????? ?i??N????i??Ni?? Ni???i???i????Ni???i??Ni??N? N?Ni???i?? Ni??N?????Ni????N?.

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Apple ??Ni????N?????Ni??Ni???i???i???i?? 55-??NZ????????N?NZ LG OLED ???i?????i???i??N? ???i??N? Apple Television 2012?

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?Y??Ni??Ni???i???i?? Smarthouse ?????i???i??Ni?? ???i??N?N????i?? N???N?Ni????N?NZ Ni???i????N?Ni???i??Ni????NZ, ?????????i?? Ni???i??Ni??N? ?i???i??Ni????????Ni?? ?? N??i??N?Ni???i??Ni??, N???N??i???i??????Ni??Ni?? N? Apple, ??N????i???i???????? ???i??N??i??NZNi????Ni??N?N? OLED ????????Ni????Ni??????. ?z?????i?????? ?????i???????? ???i?? N?Ni?????? N?Ni??????Ni?? ????????????Ni????Ni??N?:

?i??N?Ni??N? ??Ni???i?????????i?????i???i??????N?, Ni??Ni???? Apple ??Ni???????i???i???i?? ???i??Ni???i??????????Ni??Ni?? N? ?????????i???????i???? LG, ????Ni????Ni???i??N? ??Ni???????i??????????Ni?? ????N????i???i???? ???i??N? ??Ni??????N???Ni?????? MAC, ?? ?????i???????i??????N?Ni???? ?????i??N?Ni???i??????N? ????N?Ni??N????i?? ?? ??????Ni???? 55 LG OLED ???i?????i???i??N???, ????Ni????Ni??Ni???i?? ?i??N???N?Ni?? ??N??????i??N??i???????i??Ni??N?N?N? ?? ??????Ni??Ni?? Apple TV, N?????N????i????Ni??Ni?? ??Ni???????????i??Ni??N? ??N??i??Ni????N?, ???????i???? ?? ???i??-??Ni??????Ni???i??????Ni?? Ni???i??Ni???i???i?? IP-N??i??Ni??N?. ?i?? ??N?Ni??????Ni??N? LG ?i???i??N??????i???i??, Ni??Ni???? ???i??Ni?????i??Ni?? ????Ni???i??????Ni???i?????????i?? ??Ni???????i????????N?Ni?????? OLED Ni???i???i???i???????i????Ni???i?? ?? ??????Ni???i?? 2012 ???????i??.

???????i???i??N?Ni?????? ?i??NZ???i???? ??Ni??N?Ni??N????i??NZNi?? ?i???i?? ????Ni???i????Ni????Ni???????i?????????i?? Ni???i???i???i?????????i???????i?? ??Ni?? Apple, ?i?? ?i???????i??Ni?? ?????????i???????? Piper Jaffray ?i?????i???i????Ni?????? ?i???i?????? ???i????N?Ni???i??Ni?? (Gene Munster) ???i???????i???i??Ni?? ?i?????? ????N????i???i??????N? ?? N??i???i????N?NZNi???i???? ??????N?.

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?i????Ni??Ni??N??i???i??N???Ni???? «?Y??????Ni????????» ?? iOS 5

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Apple ?? N???????Ni?? ?i??N???N?Ni????Ni?? ???i??Ni??N???N?Ni?? iOS ?????i????Ni????Ni?? ???i??N???Ni????Ni???? N??i??Ni??????N? Ni???i??N??????i?????????i??????N? ?????i????N??i?? ?????? ???i???i?????i???????i???? «?Y??????Ni????????», ????????Ni????Ni??N?N? ?? N??????i??Ni???i???????? Ni???i??N?N?Ni??N??i?? 9to5Mac.

?i???i?????i???i?? Ni?????????i???? ???????i???i??N?Ni?????? N??i??N?Ni?????? ?? Ni??????, Ni??Ni???? Apple ???i???i??????Ni??N??i??Ni?? ?????i??NZNi????Ni??N? ?????i????N?????Ni???i?? Ni??N?????Ni??????, N???N??i???i??????Ni???i?? N? ???i??Ni??N??????i???i??N???Ni???? ????????Ni???????????? ?????????i???????? Siri, ????Ni????Ni??N?NZ N??i???i????Ni?????i??N? ?????????i??????N? ??Ni???????i??Ni???i???i???i?? ???i??????Ni????Ni?????i?? ??Ni???i????N? ???i???i???i????. ?YNi???i?????????i???i?????i???i????N?N? Ni???i?????i???i??, Ni??Ni???? N????i??Ni?????i???i????N?Ni??Ni?? ???i?? Ni????Ni????Ni?? Nuance N?Ni???i????N?Ni?? ???i??Ni??Ni?????i??Ni???i?????? Apple. ?z?????i?????? ????Ni???i?????? Ni???i?????????? ???i?? N??????i??Ni???i???i????N?N? ???i?? ??????Ni???i??Ni???i????Ni?????? WWDC ?? ??NZ???i??, ?????????i?? ?????i??Ni????Ni???i?? ?i??Ni???i???i?? ??Ni???????i????????N?Ni??Ni????Ni???????i?????i?? iOS 5.

?i??Ni????Ni?? ??????Ni???? «?Y??????Ni????????» ?? iOS 5, ???i???? N?Ni?????i??Ni???i?????i???i??Ni??N?N?, ???i??Ni???i???i???i??Ni??Ni?????i???i??Ni?? ??Ni??????N?Ni??N?NZ ?????i????N?????N?NZ ????Ni????Ni?????i??Ni????NZ, ?i?? Ni???i?????i???i?? ??Ni??N???N?NZ ?????i??N??i???????i??Ni???i???i??N?N???N?NZ ????Ni????Ni?????i??Ni????NZ, Ni???i????N?NZ ???i???? ???i??N?Ni?????????i?????i???i???????i?? ?? ??????Ni???i????Ni??Ni?? ???i??N? ???i???i??N????i??Ni???i??????N? ????Ni?????????? N??i??Ni??????N??i?? ???i??N? ?????i??N??i???????i??Ni???i???i???i????:

??Ni?? ?????i???i???? ??Ni???i????N?Ni???i??????Ni??N? N??i???i???i?? ?????i??N??i???????i??Ni???i???i??N?, ????Ni????Ni??Ni???? ??Ni????N???Ni?? N??????i?????? «?Y??????Ni?????????i??» ?? iPhone ???????i???i???i??Ni??N? ???i????????-?????i??N???N? ???????i????Ni?????i?????? N? ?????????? ???i?? N???????Ni?? ??Ni??N??i???i????. ?Y???i??N??i???????i??Ni???i???i??N? ?????i???i??Ni?? N????i???i???i??Ni??N? «???????i???i???? ???????i???? N? ???i??Ni????????» ?? ??????Ni???i????Ni?????i??N? ????Ni????Ni?????i??Ni????N? ?? ???i??Ni?????i??, ?i?? Ni???i?????i???i?? ???i??????Ni???i?? ?? ???i??N?Ni?????????i?????i???i???????? ?????i??N??i???????i??Ni???i???i??N? ?????i???????i??N?Ni?? ??Ni???i?????i?????i????Ni??N? ?i?????i???i??Ni??Ni?? ?? ???i??N?Ni????Ni???? ?i???????i???i??N???Ni???? Ni???i???i??Ni??Ni?? ?? ????N??i???i??Ni??N? ???i??Ni????N? N?Ni??N? ????Ni????Ni?????i??Ni????NZ.

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Apple N????i???i????Ni???????i???i??Ni?? ?????i????Ni???i??N?Ni?????? ???i??Ni??N??????i???i???i?? ?? ?i?????i??Ni???????i????N?????Ni?? Retail Apple Store

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?Y??Ni?????i???i?? ?????????i??????N? Apple N????i???i????Ni???????i???i??Ni?? Ni????N??i???? ???i????Ni?????? ?? N???????Ni?? ?i?????i??Ni???????i????N?????Ni?? Ni?????i??????Ni????Ni??Ni?? ???i?????i???i???????i??Ni?? ???i?? ??N??i?????????? ???i??Ni????????. ?i???i?????i???i?? N??????i??Ni???i???i????N?N?, Ni??Ni???? ???i?? ?i??????N?N?Ni??-????Ni??N??i??Ni??N? ???i???i?????????i??Ni????Ni???i????N??????i?? ???i?????i???i??????Ni?? ???i???i???i?????i????N?Ni??N?N? ??????Ni?????? N???Ni??Ni??N??????????i??????.

???i?????i??Ni??N? N?Ni???i???i???? ???i?????i??N?Ni??????, Ni??Ni???? ???? ??Ni???i???????i???? ???i??Ni???i?? ???i??????Ni????Ni??Ni???i?? ?i?????i??Ni???????i????N??????i?? ???i?????i???i??????Ni?? Apple Retail ??Ni???????????i??NZNi?? ???i?? Ni???i???i????Ni??N? N???????Ni?? ?i??Ni????N???Ni?? N??i??N??i???i??Ni????Ni?? ???i?? ???i???????i????Ni???? Ni???i???i????Ni?????? ???i????N?. ?i???i??????Ni???? ???i??Ni??N??????i???i?? ?????i???i???i???? ?i??N????i??Ni?? Ni??Ni??N?????Ni??N?N?N? ???? ??Ni???i???i???????????i????, ??Ni??Ni????????Ni????, ???? ??Ni???i????N? ?i???i????N?N??????? ??????Ni???? ??Ni??????N???Ni??????, ?i?? Ni???i?????i???i?? ?? Ni???i??Ni???i???????i?? ??Ni???????i?????i??????N? ????N???????Ni???????? ?i????Ni?????? «Back to School». ?i??Ni????N????? N???Ni??Ni??N????????? N??i???i?? ?????i??N?Ni?????i?? ???i?? N??i???i????Ni??Ni????????Ni???? N?Ni?????? ????N?N????? N? ??Ni????N?N??i?????? ???i??Ni????N?Ni??N?N?N? ???i?? Ni???i???i????Ni??N? ???i?? ???i??Ni???????? N? 15 ?i??????N?N?Ni???i?? ???? 15 N??i????Ni??N??i??Ni??N?.

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?s???????? ??Ni?? Google ??Ni???????i???i???? ???i?? App Store

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?Y?? ?i??Ni???i?? ???i?? ????Ni???i?????i???i???i??????Ni???? ??Ni????Ni???????i????, ??Ni?????i?????i???i???????i?? Google Books ?i??Ni???i???? N????i???i???i?????? ???i?? ???i?????i???i???????i?? iTunes App Store. ??Ni?? ???i?????i??Ni??N??i?????i????, Ni??Ni???? N?Ni???? ??Ni?????i?????i???i???????i?? ??Ni???????i???i???? Ni??N?Ni??N? Ni???i????N?N??i?? ???i?? N?Ni?????? ???i?????i???i???i??, ??Ni???i?????????i?????i?????? ?? N??i??N?Ni???i?????????? ???i??????Ni???i???i??N????i????????. ?z?????i??????, N?Ni???? ??Ni?????????i???i???i???i??Ni??N?N? N??i???i?? ?? Ni???i??Ni???i???????i?? ???i??????Ni????Ni???????? ??Ni???i?????i??????.


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